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Potomac Downriver Race



SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2018

Howard Morland, CCA Downriver Race Chair,

Mike Corcoran, PWRC President
Star Mitchell, Sycamore Island Liaison


The CCA Potomac Downriver Race is hosted by Sycamore Island and co-sponsored by Potomac Whitewater Racing Center.  It is one of the longest running whitewater races in the nation.


Online registration is now easy.  Advance registration is $20, day of race the registration fee will increase to $25.  Note also that $5 per paddler must be included in the fee for insurance unless the paddler is a member of the ACA (American Canoe Association).  Tandem teams must register and pay as two individuals.  Liability and insurance forms must be signed on race day.


Register at:  Potomac Downriver Race


This Maryland Canoe & Kayak Racing Series event begins at Rocky Island on the Potomac River just above Wet Bottom Rapid and continues for 7.5 miles to Sycamore Island.  The race also will be a USA Wildwater Ranking Race.  At the end of the race, a free T-shirt and a free lunch will be given to all workers and racers, and there will be a ceremony with awards and prizes for the winners. (If you do not attend the ceremony, do not expect to receive the above!  No awards will be mailed!) 


Sign-in begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 10:30 a.m. at Great Falls Tavern/C&O National Park in Potomac, Maryland, followed by a mandatory meeting for all racers.  If the Little Falls Gaugeis over 5 feet, the race will start at the Old Angler's Inn put-in.  And if the gauge is over 6 feet, the race will be postponed.  Notice regarding any changes will be posted on the CCA, PWRC, and MCC websites.  You will be notified of changes by email if you register in advance.


This is a race for any whitewater paddler from the pros to parent/child tandem teams, but this is NOT A NOVICE RACE.  All participants should have experience in, and be comfortable with, Class III rapids.  Participants may enter with any type of a boat provided it is properly outfitted with adequate flotation (air bags) and all occupants of the boat are wearing a helmet and a PFD (life jacket).


If you plan to paddle the race, PLEASE PRE-REGISTER to help with registration and planning.  Please do not bring two cars to the race -- parking will be difficult and a shuttle will be provided.


VOLUNTEER helpers are needed for safety boats and for helping at the registration at Great Falls and at the finish at Sycamore Island.  Volunteers will receive the gratitude of the racers, a sense of participating in an important annual river event, a race T-shirt, and lunch. 


Anyone interested in helping out with this year’s race should contact Howard Morland at 703-525-1429 or e-mail  DO JOIN THE FUN!!


The ACA Waiver and Insurance Form must be completed for each participant if you are NOT a member of CCA or ACA.  To save time at registration please fill out the form and bring it with you to the race.  If you are not an ACA/CCA member, a $5 insurance fee must be paid.  If you are an ACA member you must enter your ACA number on the insurance form. 

ACA Adult Waiver and Insurance Form     ACA Minor Waiver and Insurance Form