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Access to Potomac River Blocked at Violettes Lock and Rileys Lock for Trump's Golf Games

The U.S. Coast Guard, at the request of the Secret Service, will block access to the Potomac River at Violettes Lock and Rileys Lock.  This may make it impossible to run the GW Canal/Violettes Lock Loop.

Comments on this regulation, Docket Number USCG–2017–0448, should be sent through the Federal eRulemaking Portal at This is the official way to comment on this regulation. The deadline for comments is August 9th.  This is a direct link for comments. USCG-2017-0448 Comments Please phrase your comment respectfully.  Anger at the Coast Guard will not help our cause.

You can
 also send comments to your Senators and Representatives and encourage them to take an interest in the Potomac River closure. You can look up your senators and representatives at Common Cause.  Just enter your address to see a list with contact information.  We must take a stand against this.

We have spoken with the US Coast Guard.  They said the closure of the Potomac will only occur when Trump or "high ranking officials" are playing golf, but that is not what the regulation says.  The regulation is written so that they can close the river any time they want, for as long as they want, even permanently. The USCG said they will notify us that the river is closed on VHF channel 16 (How many of you carry a marine radio in your kayak or canoe?) and on their website.

If you think this will be a rare occurrence, check this list of Trump golf outings since he became president. Trump Golf Count Look for Trump National in Potomac Falls, Virginia.  At last count, it was 13.  Since March.

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